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WAHM  > How to Start an Internet Business > Marketing Your Business for the Holidays

Using Year-Round Holidays to Market Your Business

As we all know, people/companies need to see your name at least 7 times before they begin to trust you, and consider using your services/products.

Today, we’ll go over lesser-known, and some well-known holidays you can use to keep your name out there in front of your clients/prospects.

You don’t need to do every single one of the ideas presented here today, but you need to remember to do something on a regular basis, so your clients know you are there for them.

And while it’s nice to send goodies once in a while, less expensive items, like magnets, seed packets, postcards, letter openers, etc., will be sufficient most of the time.

January 1 / New Years Day: If you didn’t send a Thanksgiving or Christmas gift, this is another opportunity to send one. If you did, you can send a small attention, or even a card saying: We’ve been so happy to have you as a customer this past year. Here is to continued success in the New Year.
January 13 /Make Your Dream Come True Day: We can make your dreams (describe them here, relating to what you offer) come true.

February 14 / Valentine’s Day: Send a heart shaped chocolate, candle, cookie, etc., with a note saying” We love our customers”, or, “We would love to have you as a client”, or “You are the heart and soul of our business”. This, again, is an unexpected gesture that will leave an impact.

February 17 /Random Acts of Kindness Day: Another great day to do something unexpected for your clients. Just take half of the day, and stop by your client’s places with something they wanted but couldn’t afford, or something they expressed an interest in, but couldn’t find the time to do.

March 3 / I want You to be Happy Day: Call your clients and ask if there is anything that you offer, that will make them happy that day.
March 9 / Employee Appreciation Day
April 16 / Stress Awareness Day: Again, here you can send a single bag of tea or coffee, or a candle, with a note: “Take a few minutes to relax and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee on us”
April 22 / Volunteer Day:
April 24 / Admin Professionals Day: Do something special for the Administrative assistant of your client: after all, she is the one who will remind him/her to give you a call, or that you have an appt., etc. It’s good to be friends with the gate keeper.

May 3 / Plant a Flower Day: Great opportunity to have your clients remember you for a long time. Offer to plant a flower in their front yard, or, if not, take a potted plant and suggest they plant it after they enjoy it at the office.

June 18 /International Panic Day: Visit if you can, but if not, you can send a card/postcard saying: Don’t panic! We’ll be here for your, whenever you need us!

In July, you can do a “Christmas in July” theme, or even give your annual gift at this time: no one will expect it, and it will stick in their minds for a long time. It will also show your thinking out of the box capabilities, so important to so many of the businesses out there

August 15 / National Relaxation Day: Send some candles, or a container with bath salts to women, or a coffee mug with coffee and biscotti to men, with a note saying: ABC Company wishes you a happy relaxing day”.

September 10 / Swap Ideas Day: This is a great opportunity to get your clients involved in your business.

Offer to swap ideas for your businesses: you suggest things to them and they, in return, do the same.

They will appreciate your interest in their opinion, and wanting to help, and you can both come out winners, while you build relationships.

September 21 / World Gratitude Day: “We are grateful for your continued patronage/support”

October 16 / Boss’s Day
October 31 / Halloween: send a note: “Don’t let (whatever problem you can help with) scare you! We are here for your any time you need us“ attached to a small scarecrow, or other Halloween item

November 10 / Forget-Me-Not Day: Send a pack of Forget-Me-Not seeds with a message to that effect.
November 15 / Peace Day:
November 28 /Thanksgiving Day: This is the best day to thank your customers for their business.

If you send an annual gift at Christmas, I suggest you do it at Thanksgiving: it will not get lost in with everyone else’s gift at Christmas.

What gifts are appropriate? It depends on your budget (usually, I recommend 3% of the annual business someone did with you), your clients, the type of business you run, etc.

Please, please, don’t send promotional items at this time, unless it’s just one small item included into a bigger gift, like a gift basket. This is not the time to advertise: it’s just to thank your clients for doing business with you.

December 25 / Christmas Day: Just send a card at this time

Adriana Copaceanu, Owner of ABC Gifts and Baskets.
Remember them, so they'll remember you.



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