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Work at Home Moms > General Internet Marketing Articles >Direct Sales Recruiting


Direct Sales Recruiting: So You Want to Build Your Team Online!

Hooray for you! You've started a direct sales or network marketing business and are ready to build a team. Since you love the Internet, it makes sense to you to build your team online. What does it take? What do you need to do? Where do you find people who will join with you?

Meeting People Online
There are several ways you can meet people online so let's look at a few of them.

Groups - Sometimes referred to as email lists, these are groups of people with common interests. Places to find groups include and When you go to these sites, you can search by topic to find lists that will interest you. Choose several including one or two business lists so develop relationships.

Post to the list and enjoy yourself. Do not blast the list with your ads, but rather, give helpful advice, be yourself, have fun and discreetly leave your website URL under your name. MOST lists will allow this, but check to be sure.

Bulletin Boards - Another fun place to meet people online is on bulletin boards such as the ones on There are thousands of bulletin boards online on every topic imaginable. There a a lot of work-at-home mom bulletin boards that may attract people who are interested in working from home.

Again, it's important to never blast your ad on any bulletin board unless that board is specifically for advertising. A better way is to get to know people and be helpful to everyone so that people are attracted to you.

Online Communities - Some bulletin boards are part of an online community that offers more interaction than bulletin board by themselves. Many have informative chats, online parties or business mixers where you can go to meet other people. When the chat is interactive, take part in the discussion and have fun. If the chat is a presentation, be respectful of the presenter.

Never blast your ad in a chat room. While you can't leave your web site in a chat room (unless asked), some sites do have profiles that you can use. It is important for you to use your name and keep it the same for groups, bulletin boards and chats because you want people to connect your presence wherever you are online. Don't use "jamiesmom" as your email for a group, "dancingmamma" as your log in on a bulletin board and "candlebiz" in a chat room. You need to brand yourself so that people will know you by your presence.

Article Submission - Brand yourself even more by writing articles on topics of general interest and submitting them. One place to look is on Do a search for "articles announce". Join a few groups and submit away!

Making Contact
Now that people are getting to know you, you need a way for them to contact you. The best way is with a web site that has a form that people can fill out. When working online it is very important to have personal contact with people so your form should include their phone number. A lot of companies now have nation-wide long distance calling plans that are not very expensive so get one and use it.

Do not just post your email address on web site bulletin boards or on your own web site. This will cause you to receive a lot of spam because spammers crawl the internet looking for email addresses to add to their lists.

If you are with a company that doesn't have forms available for you or if you can't have a web site presence, you should still be able to purchase a URL for personal use and include a form for people to contact you. Read your policies and procedures to see what restrictions your company has on internet use. You can get free form code on Also read relevant articles on Internet Based Moms™ "How to Start an Internet Business."

Coaching and Training
Okay! So you've found people, they've joined your team - now what? When sponsoring long distance it's extremely important to have a coaching/training system in place. There are several tools that you can use that will help your new team member learn what to do so they can start earning money right away.

Web Site - If your company or upline does not already have a training web site in place, develop your own. Include articles on how to develop a customer base, sponsoring information, product tips, available online tools, complete instructions for the marketing method/s your company uses. If your company is a party plan business, have articles illustrating different types of parties that work well with your product line.

If your company allows fairs & shows take pictures of booth set-ups so that your team members can see what you (or others you know) have done. If you focus only on online building, have a section that gives exact step by step instructions.

Group Email - Put together a group email either through, or even just a group on your computer. Send information, contests, training, etc to your team. Be sure it is interactive so that everyone can participate. There is nothing like an interactive, excited team to motivate everyone.

Bulletin Board - Another option to the group email is to use a group bulletin board. If you have your own web site, you can install one and make it password protected so that just your team can participate. Divide it into sub boards for sponsoring information, sales tips, product information, motivation, etc. To get it started, offer a contest to the person/people who post the most helpful information.

TELEPHONE - Your number one tool to reach your team members, motivate and teach them is the telephone. When sponsoring online, you develop relationships by talking to people over and over. By setting up several coaching/training sessions by phone, you not only can help your team members, but you can also get to know them. You'll begin to know who is really coachable and ready to do the work. In addition, they will begin to get to know you and that will keep them with you through their good days and bad days.

Conference calls - To get a group of people together, hold regular conference calls on a specific topic. While there are many companies that offer unrestricted conference calling, you can use this one free if you have a relatively small group

Instant Messengers - As instant messaging technology advances there is so much that you can do. You can do a voice video conference through yahoo instant messenger if your team members will download the software. Hook up a video camera, add a microphone and you're all set to go. Use this for special announcements and to generate excitement. It also is good for your team members to put a face with your email and voice.

EGreetings - Egreeting cards are fun motivators and a way to keep in touch. Recognize an accomplishment with a special card and don't forget birthdays and anniversaries. Use a contact management program to remind you of these special days.

Snail Mail - There is nothing like getting a CONGRATULATIONS! card in the mail! With all the wonderful technologies today, be sure to use this one too. You'll make your team members feel great!

Building a team online can stretch your boundaries, be very motivating to you and you'll find you have friends all over the world. While building a team online can have it's challenges, by using the available tools you will be a success and so will your team!
Linda Sikut has been in the direct sales business for over 10 years and has worked exclusively from home for the last 8 of those years. You can visit her online at or visit her recipe web site at

2004 This article was written exclusively for Internet Based Moms™ and may not be re-published or copied without permission from Internet Based Moms™, except to print one copy for personal use.  Comments and general questions about the article's content can be directed to the author.


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