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Postby Mel on Wed Aug 22, 2007 9:00 pm

wah_momma wrote:Oh Mel you are a fellow Jotter!! :) I too keep a notepad and pen near the bed to jot things down but I am sure to not drive myself crazy with the tips that I learn or things that I jot. Usually I will put a note that says - "look into this next week" or "ask So & So about this".

Yep, I'm a jotter and probably half of my notes are of things totally unrelated to what I'm reading. I'll be reading along and something will trigger a thought that has nothing to do with the book or usually even work so I scribble it down for the next day. It drives DH crazy for me to do it but I figure it's better than keeping a micro-recorder next to me to talk in to. :wink:

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