Watch your posts!

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Watch your posts!

Postby Mel on Mon Mar 10, 2008 10:29 am

We've been deleting a lot of posts lately so I thought I'd review some of the rules that we are continually seeing abused.

1. No self-promotions other than in your signature.

2. Posts should be conversation provoking . Ask a question or something so you don't leave members wondering what to do after reading it. (learning how to do this is great for your own business too).

3. Avoid article length posts. If you create long posts for information only, tips, something you wrote about on your site, something you learned, post it in the free reprint article section. If it isn't a free reprint article, then condense the post down to the meat and potatoes of it (a paragraph or two).

I'm not trying to be harsh but Mila is paying good money for the forums to stay clean and clutter free. Following the few rules we have in place helps keep her costs down and allows our members to easily find what they are looking for.


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