Items and Marketing Sayings

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Items and Marketing Sayings

Postby Tshirtspt on Sat May 17, 2003 1:20 pm

Here is a list I started do you have any other ideas please post your ideas lets built up this list.

Gum - Thanks for Chewsing us!
          Extra Gum - You are Extra special
Seeds - Come help us grow!
            "Watch your sales bloom and grow!"
Payday - I can make your payday every day!
             I can make your day pay today!
            Would you like an extra payday? Ask me how!
Mint Candies or peppermint patties - "You're worth a mint to me!"
Any fragrance item - "The Sweet Smell of Success"
Gold foil candies - "Go for the Gold!"
Lemon Kool-Aide - "When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"
Small mirror - "Smile, you're a sensation!"
                        "You're looking at the best customer in the World"
Helium balloon - "Reach for the stars!"
Firecrackers - "You're dynamite!"
Single silk flower - "You're somebody special!"
Picture frame With saying in frame - You're the picture of success!
Potted Plant - "Your sales are blooming!" (Top sales/month)
Artificial Lei - "Aloha" - (Hawaii trip earner)
Jar of Honey - The Busy Bee - (Top sales for month)
6 pack of 7-Up - For the demo with 7 shows in one week
Pillow - Your dreams will come true.
Calendar - We create our tomorrow's by what we plan today!
                  "Fill your calendar, make a lot of bread!"
Can of Pepper - "Hot Stuff!"
Cash (Real or play) - Your hard work pays off!
Clothespins - "Hang in there!"
M & M's in a jar - PMA "Pills" - for a Positive Mental Attitude
Smarties candies - "Smarties have lots of Parties"
plastic easter Egg - "You're a good egg!"
                              Here's an Egg-xtra gift for!
                              Your doing egg-cellant!
Deluxe Pizza - You've got everything.
Pair of Socks - "You've been on your toes!"
Nail Polish - "Success is at your fingertips!"
Matches or chili powder or pepper -- "Have a burning desire to succeed!"
Loaf of bread -- "Fill your calendar, make a lot of bread!"
Bag of "Lucky" pennies - Make every day count!
Tootsie Rolls - "Roll with the punches"
Bacon - Bring home the bacon with (name of company)
Match - Strike it rich with (name of company)
Key - Unlock your potential with (name of company)
      Your the key to my succuss.
Lifesavers -  you were a real lifesaver! 
popcorn - just popping in to say.....(thanks, hi,we appreciate your
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