Crisis! My internet business is making me very unhappy!

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Re: Crisis! My internet business is making me very unhappy!

Postby StartUrBiz on Fri Jan 30, 2009 9:05 am

janice2009 wrote:Get help and outsource... You need the extra help. Consider the situation as a challenge, don't give it up :D

Yeah I agree with Janice, you can outsource some of your order taking or shipping task I guess.
Where did you get the inventories? Can you actually ask your providers to do the shipping instead?
If you have bulk orders with your provider, I think you can request them to do that for a fees in exchange perhaps. Or just hire a trust worthy logistic company to handle storing and shipping for you.
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Re: Crisis! My internet business is making me very unhappy!

Postby kitkat on Tue Feb 17, 2009 4:46 pm

Can I say WOW?! This is quite a story and I am intrigued by it ~ I can understand your frustration and your dilemma. I think that outsourcing it is a great idea... I have heard of someone using one of those storage facilities to neatly stock and arrange things so that they are organized and you can go there a few times a week and put things together yourself or even better use your fullfillment resources. There are so many college kids or even well qualified adults who may not mind helping out here and there for a few extra bucks as well... someone you can trust of course... lots of ideas!

I think either way, once it is out of your house ~ you won't feel so surrounded by it all and maybe from a distance you will be able to manage it better ~ emotionally and physically!

Good luck and I can't wait to hear updates! The one great thing is that the business is successful... so no matter what you do, you know that you did a great job and kept your customers happy enough that they keep coming back!!!! :D
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Re: Crisis! My internet business is making me very unhappy!

Postby familymoses on Thu Feb 19, 2009 11:11 am

You mentioned that your daughters are teen-agers. You can actually hire them as employees, pay them wages, and have them help in the family business. This has tax advantages for you. You can also be teaching your daughters the values of working for what they get. Pay them a decent wage, and split it up into a college fund, a car fund, and the rest for clothes and all that other stuff teenage girls *have* to have! :D

It also takes some of the pressure off of you because you no longer have to do everything yourself. And you would not need to have a "stranger" in your house, either! :mrgreen:
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