NEXT... what to do with that expertise! Write an article!!!

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NEXT... what to do with that expertise! Write an article!!!

Postby MomManagement on Mon Jun 02, 2003 1:24 am

Okay, I know my ideas are a bit scattered.. I tried to give you ideas where you posted... I recommend everyone read eveyone elses ideas because many of the stuff works for all...

The next step is for each of you to write an article or tip sheet. I want you to read through the expertise ideas and pick an angle that will work for you RIGHT now... and then in this column lets come up with 3 article titles each - and then we can write them...

Some ideas based upon what I saw in your posts:

5 ways to make reading fun
Why you should read as a family

Creating Successful ads for newsletters
Reaching your niche market
(I am not sure exactly the message you are looking at to share God's message... so will let you work on that angle).

3 ways to balance your personal and professional lives
5 ways to keep your personal and professional lives separate
When is multi tasking necessary?

5 ways to promote a direct sales company on the internet
Successful marketing (networking, advertising, sales tips) for direct sales companies
5 best resourses when starting a business

3 ways to network, market, sell on the internet
Internet Etiquette
Schmoozing Online

How to do research online
How to share your research
Creating a website (Ava you have a few more questions to answer before I can give you lots of ideas...) ... php?t=4156

I hope I have everyone.... so add a few of your own ideas and then start working on the article... feel free to do it here or you can email me it to have a peek for you!
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