21 ways to get bookings

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21 ways to get bookings

Postby Jodi Plume on Sun Jun 29, 2003 9:55 am

This was posted on another group I am on. Enjoy. :)

The telephone is your friend, use it. Make at least 5 calls per day for bookings and recruits. Do this faithfully and assure yourself of a full datebook.

Prospect List. Every consultant should keep a folder containing a basic prospect list beginning with everyone you know. Remember, even if you do not consider the person a potential hostess or recruit, she can be a source for referrals or a booking hostess.

A walk-in or open house. To acquaint neighbors and your community with your product, send invitations to friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Give brochures to the newspaper person, put notices up in the supermarkets. Advertise that there will be refreshments and a chance to see your product.

Mystery hostess party. The consultant has a party in her own home and awards the hostess credits to the guests. The credits can be divided up or given in different ways. For instance, name goes in for each $25 bought.

Trade shows, fairs, expos, events. Check local activities and reserve well in advance. Consult your up-line on methods and set ups.

Advertising. Newspapers and penny-savers.

Referral or booking hostess. Offer a gift or booking benefit to the person who refers you to a source for new bookings or a recruit. Gift to be given when booking is held, or new recruit starts.

Brochures. Distribute your catalog or mini brochure at dentist, doctors, or anywhere you do business.

Business referrals. Real estate offices, model homes, flower shops. Any business exchange advertising and verbal referrals.

Bridal registry/bridal showers. For the bride where the guests may purchase gifts.

Couples party. A fun way to have a party for couples.

Show on the go/Booking in a basket. Excellent for office. Place several small items in a basket and one larger one. When an order of $30 is placed, the customer can select a small gift. When all the gifts are gone, the hostess gets to open the bigger gift. (suggested 10 gifts)

Delivery day special. Offer the hostess, at the time of the party delivery, a special gift from you when she picks up a booking or two as she delivers her guests items.

Door prize slips. These are a tremendous source of future bookings, future sales, and future prospects. Refer to them when you want to increase your business.

Offer the hostess an additional gift when she re-books herself within 3 months. You may want to offer her an extra incentive for holding 3 shows within a year.

Enclose a mini-book and business card with your check when paying bills. Who opens the mail, usually women. When we get our bills we have to look at all their promotions to find the bill or return envelope. Tuck your statement and check in your material - they'll have to look through your promotions.

Offer clients incentives for taking 5 brochures to their place of work and getting a certain amount of orders.

Offer a gift with purchase to encourage orders.

Offer a discount on orders totaling a designated amount of dollars.

Offer a free product of their choice to people who take the brochure home, share it with friends and family and get 5 additional orders resulting in a certain amount of dollar.

Promote a special discount or sale on select products in the brochure. For example, offer 15% on all of a certain line of products.
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