Free publicity for your business

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Free publicity for your business

Postby initial-impressions on Fri Jul 18, 2003 7:34 am


The following offer was listed on another site I belong to. I have absolutely no connection to it, but it looks like a great way to get some exposure for your business. I am searching my brain to think of a marketing technique that I can contribute.

Hope it is useful to some of you. The full content of the post follows:

Peg Bowles
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Good evening, Ladies! Sorry for the cross post, but I want to reach as many women in business as possible.

Do you want some FREE exposure for your business?

I am writing a new e-book on the topic of marketing . . . can't give you the details, but I am taking a unique approach to helping the home-based business woman gain some publicity for her business -- this includes you! Once it is written, this e-book is going to be given away as a FREEBIE -- yes, absolutely free, so you will be able to actually read the book and put the concepts to work for you!

If you are interested in this FREE exposure, the first thing I need is for as many of you as possible to send me your favorite marketing idea and include details. Remember to make it as unique as possible. These ideas may include marketing, promotions, advertising . . . anything that brings exposure to your business both online and offline. Provide your name, your business name, and your Web site URL. Keep in mind that I will edit the content as needed so you do not have to be a writer to participate!

Then, if you would be interested in a feature story in the e-book for your business, share with me how this favorite marketing idea has worked for your business. The concepts I select for feature stories will be based on uniqueness and effectiveness. Once I have made the selections, I will contact you for an interview. However, even if you are not featured, your idea will be included, as well as your name, business name, and Web site URL.

This is one of those ways to gain publicity for your business that you will NOT want to miss! Send all responses to me privately at

Direct all inquires to me personally at

This is absolutely FREE exposure for your business! Please feel free to pass it along to other women's biz groups you belong to!

Deadline for entries is August 15, 2003.


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