The Olden Days and Promoting Your Business

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The Olden Days and Promoting Your Business

Postby SharonMcMillan on Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:41 pm

I was just reading a post and it reminded me of the way we use to advertise or promote our businesses in the "olden days."

Remember when "effective" promotion meant costly advertising in trade magazines and other journals, costly event fees at chambers of commerce events(still a good option for some), ads in local newspapers, cold-calling companies in your target group, etc.....

While many of these tactics are still valid for some, the explosion of social media has opened up so many more accessible, effective and affordable (if not free) opportunities for raising the profile of your business.

Social Media/web 2.0 has essentially leveled the playing field in many cases, so that solopreneurs like many of us here, aren't excluded from promoting our services right along side big corporations in some of the nation's most savvy and popular networking forums (Facebook, Twitter, Warrior Forum, etc.).

Yes we're going through tough economic times, but the opportunities and vehicles to reach your customer have never been so accessible for small business owners with limited budgets.

What has been the most effective social networking tool for your business?
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Re: The Olden Days and Promoting Your Business

Postby cherie27 on Tue Nov 25, 2008 8:13 am

Internet is the best media as you can make use of different kinds of advertising methods like classified ads, share your idea with others.

some of them are free. :D
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Re: The Olden Days and Promoting Your Business

Postby BethinArkansas on Thu Nov 27, 2008 2:36 am

A few days ago we began using Facebook. After 24 hours one of our sites saw a 30% increase in traffic. and it has continued all week. Of course we also use MySpace, Squidoo, Twitter, Warrior Forum and several niche specific social sites.

Larry does the Google Analytics thing so I'm sure he'll be telling me soon about our traffic stats for November but I thought the Facebook thing was pretty neat.
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Re: The Olden Days and Promoting Your Business

Postby jcallahan on Tue Dec 02, 2008 4:10 pm

We've been branching out to many different social networking spots. Right now Twitter is one of the biggest one's just because of the great feedback we've heard from others using it. But we are working with Facebook and of course myspace. All while trying to keep up with the few message boards we are members on.

Advertising seems to always be costly. It just depends if you are spending money or TIME. :lol:
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Re: The Olden Days and Promoting Your Business

Postby Mel on Thu Dec 04, 2008 11:28 am

I think using social networking sites for building your business profile is fine but I often question how much good it REALLY does for your business.

I've seen people brag about how much extra traffic they're getting, some say it doubles or triples their traffic. I'm glad for them if that is true. But I have two questions:
1. How much time do you spend a day/week/month networking?
2. Is any of that new found traffic converting to paying customers?

If you're spending a lot of time or if the traffic isn't converting into more profits, could you be using the time you spend on social networking sites in a more productive manner that would help you increase your sales/client base?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for networking & feel it should be part of your business building strategies, but I believe you should regularly evaluate whether or not you're getting a return on your invested time. If you're not, maybe you should cut back on the time you spend or try some new tactics.

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Re: The Olden Days and Promoting Your Business

Postby SharonMcMillan on Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:33 pm

I agree with you Mel...if you're not purposeful and strategic in how you use social networking and can be a big time waster. You'll have fun, but you might not be helping your business.

Being strategic and evaluating our efforts on a regular basis seems to be what most in this thread are doing re: use of social networking to advertise/promote.

I think we're still in the early stages of using social networking effectively. But one thing is for sure, in many successful businesses today, social networking plays some role in their marketing efforts. Definitely a trend for us to follow and learn from as we monitor and adjust our own marketing strategies.
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Re: The Olden Days and Promoting Your Business

Postby janice2009 on Fri Jan 16, 2009 10:13 am

I have just started using social networking sites and so far, Facebook and Twitter continues to be a great asset :D
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Re: The Olden Days and Promoting Your Business

Postby LaurieH on Thu May 14, 2009 3:32 pm

Facebook has been a very effective networking medium for me. I've attracted many new customers as a result ... all professionals, ranging from doctors and therapists to photographers, plumbers, home builders, mortgage lenders and Internet marketers.

I treat it strictly as a professional networking tool.

Once a connection has been made through Facebook, I request a telephone or Skype call to learn more about what the other person does.

I liken Facebook to attending a Chamber After Business event or any other face-to-face networking event.

I want to speak to the person, learn more about what (s)he does so i can see how I can be a connector or referral source for them. I send them a nice-to-meet you card after speaking, just as I do after face-to-face introductions.

I don't count on Facebook to do the work for me. I've found the personal touch is still the most effective, and more now than ever since people are relying on technology to do the work for them.
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