General question, I think it can go here??

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General question, I think it can go here??

Postby rainy66 on Thu Oct 30, 2003 11:34 am

Hi ladies and gents...

I am thinking about having a interenet party, but not sure how to go about it. So I need alittle help setting one up.

I want to have a World of Products party but with the line of products I carry it ranges . We have over 3000 products.

I would like to get one started but I need feedback on what people like.This way I can make my sales to fit everyones interest.

Without this being an ad, I would just like anyone who goes to these parties to let me know what you like to collect.
I have african, american,asian,shabby sheak,jewelry,nautical..chritmas get the idea. I can make some wonderful sales that you wont want to miss, but I need help in making up the item list and also discriptions and photos.

If anyone is interested I sure would be apperiative in getting feedback.
I would like to have a party so I can pass savings on to you, plus save you alot of money and you can have great christmas gifts ..
Thanks Lorraine
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