Companies who hire telecommuters

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Companies who hire telecommuters

Postby Mel on Fri Nov 16, 2007 3:21 pm

These companies have been known to hire telecommuters. We offer no guarantee that they are legit (although we think they are) nor can we promise you'll be hired if you apply.

If you know of other companies that could go on this list. PM me with the link and I'll be happy to add them. In turn, if one of these companies is not legit, again, PM me with details and we'll look in to removing them. **We will not remove them because of one bad experience, but if the company is indeed a concern to many (like not paying their ICs) then that may warrant being removed.

Transcription/Data Entry/Coding:

Connect Plus -
Cyber Dictate (legal & general) -
DionData Services - ... tings.html
Morningside Partners LLC -
Continental Promotion Group -
Beyond Marketing Online -
WriteSpeak Legal Transcriptionist -
Ubiqus -
Fantastic Transcripts - ... nities.htm
Alpine Access -
Axion Data Services -
Cypher Services -
Executive Secretaries -
On Site Sourcing (ONSS) -
Spheris -
Applied Medical Services -
Outsourcing Solutions Inc -
eScriptions -
Escriptionist -
Thomas Transcription Services Inc -
MediFax -
TigerFish -

Telemarketing & Customer Service/Telephone:

Accurate Typing Services -
Connect Plus -
VIP Desk -
Time Communications -
Customer Loyalty Concepts Group -
ARO Call Center -
Lunar Pages -
Diversified Reporting -
VeraFast -
Work at Home Agents (West) -
Working Solutions -
LiveOps -
Becker & Associates -
Arise (formerly Willow) -
New Prospect -
Baby to Bee -
Xact Services -
Blue Zebra -
Public Opinion Research -

Verification Positions:

Sterling Testing Services -
VoiceLog -


Brain Fuse -
Course Bridge -

Researchers//Website Rating:

Lionbridge -
United Date Network -


Edit Fast -


Lifebushido -
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