New here---need help with business direction

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New here---need help with business direction

Postby cao3 on Mon Mar 13, 2006 6:59 pm

Hi all, my name is Carol. I've been a member for a couple months now, but haven't had time to catch up with everything. I'm also a member of Alice Seba's MomMasterminds site. I am a SAHM, WAHM who needs some direction in how to make a go of an online business.

I have bought many ebooks on marketing, choosing your business and many other subjects but can't seem to get started on any one project.

I do have a website where I sell embroidered baby items. it gets some traffic but no sales. I enjoy this business but I would like to write articles, ebooks, a newsletter or something to supplement the website. I have lots of interests but I'm not an expert at anything. I have a degree in graphic design but only worked in the business for a few months before I was laid off.

I am the caregiver of my disabled mother, so I have learned many things about taking care of her. I am also the mother of 3 boys, 2 who are grown and married and a teenager. This past January, we lost our first and only grandson to a rare genetic disorder so I have learned quite a lot about rare congenital disorders--I could write articles on any of these subjects.

Of course, I have been a SAHM for 20 years so I know a lot about budgeting, raising family, cooking and sewing. need Help with direction. Could I may be write artilce or ebooks on some of these subjects and have an affiliate or adsense site?

How can I narrow down my ideas or should I try several?

Sorry for rambling.
Carol Owens
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Postby avonmom on Tue Mar 14, 2006 4:34 am

You need to get back over to MM and get to reading and applying some of the things that are taught over there.

You absolutely can write articles on things your know. You are an expert in many fields, do not discount yourself. Write some articles that are directed to your website. Post them on the website as well as article sites. is a good one.

You don't have to be an expert to have a successful business. You just need to focus your site to one area and promote that. niche marketing is what that is called.

Come on to MM. I'll see ya over there!

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