10 Secrets to Repurposing Your Content – A 5 Part Series

from Annette 

When it comes to content, many business owners exhaust themselves, their resources, and their budget trying to come up with original content on a consistent basis.  Others seem to write the same content over and over again re-purposing the same five articles ad nauseam. Over the next 5 posts, I will share several clever ways to create unique content from your stockpile of already wonderful and original content.  (This is particularly helpful at the end of the year when you’re planning your content strategy for the upcoming year!)

#1  Interviews.

Interviews, whether they’re audio interviews, video interviews, or even print interviews, offer an abundance of opportunity.  An interview can be transcribed and turned into a free product.  From this transcription you can create:

Several articles and/or blog post. One interview often provides several nuggets of key information. An article can be written highlighting each nugget of information.  Often these articles simply require an introduction and a conclusion and you can pull the body of your content verbatim, right from the interview.  You can also create list type articles with bullet points to highlight key bits of information under a common theme.

Workbooks. Interviews are a fantastic resource to create workbooks for your prospects and customers. You can pull out those key points of information and then invite the reader to take action, answer questions, take a survey or quiz and so on.

Reports. Like articles, creating reports from an interview are a pretty straightforward process.  You, or your writer, can pull those key points of information from the interview and expand on them.  You can even quote the person/expert interviewed to add credibility and authority to the report.

Digital Products. Collect your interviews over the past year and package them as a book, or pull out those particularly valuable nuggets of information and create reports.

#2  How To Articles

How many how to articles do you have in your archives?  Ever consider putting them together to create a workshop, class, or online lesson?  Take a look at your collection of how to articles, sort them by theme, and explore where their might be gaps.  Do you have enough to create a course?  What’s missing to make it complete?  Fill in the gaps and package it nicely and you have another valuable piece to offer your customers and prospects.

You can also make a fabulous product by gathering your how to articles together into a bundle and making them available.

Finally, you can use the good old fashioned article spinning process to re-work those particularly popular how to articles you published last year.  Explore combining a few how to articles to create an original article or blog post.

Re-purposing your content most often takes looking at it from another angle.  Remember, you know your audience best.  Explore what pieces from your archives offer the most value and what received the best response.  Those are the pieces to begin with.

Happy writing!

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