10 Secrets to Repurposing Your Content Part Five

from Annette 

In this series we’ve discussed how to repurpose just about every type of content. However, we haven’t talked about repurposing blog posts or the most obvious type of repurposed content…PLR (private label rights)

Blog Posts

Blog posts are typically left alone and not considered for repurposing because they’re written with a different tone and perspective. They’re often written with a more personal touch by sharing personal stories and experiences as well as opinions that may not be used in your day to day informational content. However, blog posts can be repurposed quite well into article and even report formats.

Consider a blog post series on repurposing content. The series could be pulled together into a report on repurposing content. You might tweak the report by adding statistics, and data as well as examples on how to repurpose content. You may also change the POV, point of view, of the post from an informal “I” or “You” to “He, She or They.”

The structure of the report is already present in the 5 part series. The opposite, as we’ve discussed in previous posts, is also true. You can pull apart a report and create blog posts from it.

Private Label Rights

Private label rights content is a great way to supplement your content strategy. It can be used as is, or it can be repurposed into a variety of content types. Here are just a few of the ways PLR can be repurposed:

  • Ecourse. Group a series of how to PLR articles all on the same relevant topic, add an exercise or action steps to the end of the lesson, to add value and you have an instant ecourse.
  • Report. Gather a group of relevant PLR articles and create a report. All you’ll need to do is write a cohesive introduction, transitions between the articles and a conclusion to make it complete. However, you can modify the content as well, to include some of your own content or to change the POV.
  • Blog posts and autoresponders. PLR content can be pulled apart to create brief blog posts and/or autoresponder messages. Additionally, while people typically think of articles when they think of PLR, there are also PLR reports and ebooks available. One PLR ebook can create hundreds of articles for your blog and website.

Repurposing your content is part of a sound internet business strategy. It can optimize your ROI and help keep valuable content flowing to your prospects and customers. Speaking of prospects and customers, remember them when creating your content strategy. Make sure they’re receiving value and avoid the temptation to say the same thing over and over again – keep your repurposing strategy in check. The goal is to provide value and maximize your content.

Happy writing!

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