10 Secrets to Repurposing Your Content Part Four

from Annette 

Content repurposing is more than a way to fill in the gaps when you’re on vacation or when you’re struggling to come up with original content. Repurposing your content makes good financial sense too. In past posts in this series, we’ve discussed repurposing books, reports and articles – all fairly obvious content to repurpose. However, one area which you may be overlooking and which can provide powerful and compelling content are ecourses and client communication or FAQ’s.

Let’s take a look at both and explore your options.


If you have an online course or two in your content catalog, either as a product you sell or a giveaway, bonus or lead generator, that online course can be paired down to create snappy and information dense autoresponders.

For example, if your online course has 10 lessons, you can pull three of the most useful lessons out, whittle them down to a paragraph or two, and create an autoresponder series. If the course is a product you??re selling then the autoresponder can be a great way to motivate a purchase. You can also use this autoresponder to promote other items in your product or service catalog or to promote other items, for example if you’re an affiliate marketer.

Your repurposed ecourse also makes for a great lead generator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’ve been in business for a month or ten years, chances are you’ve been asked questions about your business. They may be questions you get from people on the street who learn about you and your business or questions you receive from your customers. These questions, and more importantly your answers, make great content material. Grab those old email responses and repurpose them into content.

Format them as a Q&A piece or pull apart the important points in your response, add an attention-grabbing headline and voila, you have a great article or blog post. If you receive a number of compelling questions you can gather them together, along with your compelling answers, and create a short report, for example "The Top Ten Questions People Ask about _________."

The great thing about repurposing content is it only takes a few minutes to pull things together and polish it into quality fresh content and it’s an easy task to outsource!

Next time we’ll wrap this series up by talking about repurposing blog posts and PLR content.

Happy writing!

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