10 Secrets to Repurposing Your Content Part Three

from Annette 

Whether you’re on a budget or simply seeking to make the most of your assets, repurposing your content is a brilliant business decision.  In the first two installments of this five part series I discussed repurposing Interviews and How to Articles and Forum Posts and Information Products .

In this third installment we’ll take a look at how to repurpose newsletters and autoresponders.


Newsletters, also known as ezines and enewsletters if distributed electronically, are a great way to stay in communication with your prospects and customers.  Regular communication, as you know, is one of the keys to motivating purchases – it’s about creating and maintaining front of mind awareness.

Whether your newsletter has one article or ten this content can be repurposed into a variety of products or formats.

Reports. It may be a big job and one to consider outsourcing particularly if you have been publishing for a long time however you can pool all of your newsletter content together and organize them by topic and create special reports.

The dated content will need to be updated with timely statistics and quotes.  These reports can of course be given away, sold, or packaged as bonus products with other products to increase their value.

Blog posts. Your newsletter content can also be shortened and repurposed into blog posts or even guest blog posts to expand awareness.

Articles. Finally, newsletter content can be reformatted and rewritten to create original content which you can utilize for article marketing or SEO purposes.


Typically autoresponders are short informational messaged with a bit of a marketing message tied in. The goal is often to motivate people to click through to receive more information or to motivate a purchase.

Articles. These messages often combine quite well to create longer How To or Tips articles.  Pull your autoresponder series together, add a few transition sentences and remove the marketing content and you have a well formatted article.

Ecourse. Many autoresponders are designed to show someone how to do something.  Pulling them together you can create an ecourse to sell or give away.  Add exercises and action steps in the form of a workbook to increase the content’s value.

There are myriad ways to repurpose your content without worrying about duplicate content issues or fearing redundancy.  Next time we’ll take a look at how to repurpose your online courses, and questions from your prospects and customers.

Happy writing!

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