10 Secrets To Repurposing Your Content – Part Two

from Annette 

Last week I began a 5 part series on repurposing your content.  Having a repurposing strategy in place before you have the content created will save you valuable time and money (two things we can all benefit from).

In the previous post I talked about repurposing Interviews and How To articles .  This time around we’re talking about repurposing forum posts and digital information products.

Forum Posts

If you an active social networker and marketer then you’ve likely participated in a few hand picked forums devoted to your industry or niche.  For example, if you sell pet related products or services then you may be a devoted visitor to one or two forums devoted to the pet industry or pet lovers.  You may even have a forum on your own website.

These forum posts are excellent sources for content – particularly if you’re a long winded writer :-)

So…grab those posts, cut and paste them or download them if it’s possible, and take a look at what you have.  You may have a wealth of content practically ready to go or you may need to polish them, combine them and work em over to create valuable content.

Sounds like a lot of work, right?  This is a perfect job for a virtual assistant or a freelance writer.

Digital Information Products

Do you have eBooks, reports, and workbooks you’ve written?  Perhaps you’ve given them away for free or perhaps you’ve charged for them – either way, they make ideal projects for repurposing.  eBooks and reports are easily reworked into ten, twenty, even thirty articles and blog posts and articles.  You can also repurpose a large eBook into several smaller reports.  AND each article you create from your eBooks and reports can be spun at least once or twice to create new articles.

When you have an eBook or report available to repurpose, you can literally create hundreds of articles.  Quick note:  When you spin an article, it’s important to make sure it is different enough from your original so search engines do not penalize you for duplicate content.  There are free online tools to help you check including dupecop.com.

Again, a good virtual assistant and/or a freelance writer can be very helpful for content repurposing projects.

Between your forum posts and your digital products there is likely enough material to keep you, or a valued contractor or employee, fruitfully busy for a long, long time.

Happy writing and repurposing!

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