10 Ways To Start Your Article – Part 2

from Annette 

Last time we took a look at the first five ways to start your article because, as you might have already experienced, starting your article is often the hardest part of writing about anything. In the previous post we discussed:

1. Asking a question
2. Providing a quote
3. Providing data
4. Telling a story
5. And telling your audience what you’re going to tell them

And that brings us to the next five ways to start your article, beginning with:

Reference something you’ve already written. This is a great way to promote internal linking, and optimize SEO, and it’s also a great way to lead into a new article. For example, you could mention a blog post you’ve published and then expand on the topic, change your viewpoint, or correct or update the post or take it in a new direction.

Reference something you’ve read. Many people are reluctant to reference other articles or blog posts outside their own because they’re afraid it will pull readers away from their site and send them to another. However, referencing content written by a fellow expert or a notable site simply adds to your credibility and authenticity. Everyone reads and expressing your thoughts as they relate to an article you read, particularly if it adds value to the article you’re writing.

Make an announcement. Now this won’t work for every article, however if you have a special promotion pending, your business has made the news, or you have some other thing to announce, you can most certainly begin your content with an announcement. For example, if you’re writing an article on the value of repurposing your content, you could begin the article with an announcement about a free report you’re offering on “21 Ways To Repurpose Content.”

Borrow a headline. Grab an industry publication and browse through it. Are their any articles that relate to your article? Often, you can borrow a headline from publications and use them to start your article.

For example, the headline on the August issue of The Writer offers the following headline, 10 Must Have Books on Grammar & Style. An article on how to write conversationally could begin with:

“This month’s issue of The Writer lists “10 Must Have Books on Grammar & Style,” however if you’re trying to write conversationally, you’ll probably throw half of these grammar rules right out the window.”

Make a bold statement. If your article is about something controversial then start stirring the pot right out of the gate. Get people’s attention right away by declaring something bold.
Have fun writing your first sentence and first paragraph. And always always remember that you can go back and rewrite it. If the hardest part of writing an article is getting started, use these tips and relax.

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