10 Web Developer Firefox Add-ons I Can't Live Without

from Lynette Chandler 

One of the reasons I’m a big fan of software and browsers like Firefox is because of plugins. Plugins make the browser truly my own. Because of my work in web development and design, there are plugins I use practically every hour of the working day. I counted 10 of them and they are:

  1. ColorZilla – This allows me to quickly find matching or exact color codes from a client’s existing or desired design / logo. No guessing, no searching all over the stylesheet.
  2. Firebug – How can I not use this? I practically live by this plugin and have recommended it to many people over and over. Don’t tear your hair out wondering which code controls a link in the style sheet or figuring out where the code for that box is located. Firebug will tell you exactly.
  3. FireFTP – Although I use FileZilla to upload large packages, for quick uploads, FireFTP is so darn convenient.
  4. Evernote – How does a note taking plugin make it into a web developer’s arsenal? Because that’s where I keep a bunch of code snippets. Instead of bookmarking, which I also do for bigger more comprehensive instructions, but quick and small code snippets are kept in Evernote. I used to keep them GoogleNotebook until they decided to pull the project.
  5. IE Tab – Ah just when you perfect the design in Firefox someone tells you the site looks horrible on IE. IE Tab simply makes is easy to switch from Firefox to IE to do quick checks on the design.
  6. ShowIP – What a fabulous plugin my fantastic web host recommended. It tells you the IP address of the web site you are currently on. While this may not be of use all the time, but it can be of immense value when you’re switching your hosts’. I use it to help me determine if a web site has resolved to the new host or not.
  7. Split Browser – great for working on code, comparing a design on IE (on IE Tab) and Firefox or following a tutorial while you edit the code on the other side.
  8. Web Developer – this has quite a few tools in it. Makes it so easy to validate HTML, CSS or your feeds. I love the View Generated Source – some sites try to hide their source code with crazy javascript. View Generated Source shows you the underlying source code – that’s right, forget hiding your source code. Oh I also love the ruler to help me quickly measure box and image sizes. Another thing I love about the tools in this plugin is the ability to display the form details. This means I don’t have to view source and dig around to find out where the form is being sent to, what are the field names and so on. Super handy.
  9. Delicious – Uhuh. Remember those longer tutorials? That’s where I keep them so I can quickly jump back to them to refer when I need a refresher.
  10. RoboForm – I confess. I don’t know the password to many web sites I log in to regularly. Why should I? RoboForm does it all for me plus its so much easier to when working with multiple clients.

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