3 Tips To Better SEO Copy

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One of the major drawbacks to optimizing copy, particularly sales copy, is that it has the effect of weakening it.  Keyword stuffed copy often feels forced, awkward, and well…not so interesting to read.  It certainly doesn’t sell well. 

So here’s the rub, your copy needs to be optimized to bring customers to it and it needs to be well written so visitors actually make a purchase.  Here are three basic tips to keep you on track, ranking high in the search engines, and selling. 

#1  Focus on one, or at the most two, keywords per page.  It’s tempting to try to get all of the search engine keywords crammed into one page yet all you’ll end up accomplishing is driving your potential customers away. 

Too many keywords on a page and your sentences stop making sense.  Imagine reading a page where the keywords are plastered all over the place.  Basically you’ll be reading a list of keywords rather than reading an article that informs or a sales pages that converts.  I can guarantee that after a few seconds of reading keyword after keyword, you’re going to be clicking away.  Your readers will too.  

#2  Place your keyword in your title tag and in the first sentence of your first paragraph.  This is a quick and easy step.  Yes, you may have to hammer away at your first sentence for a while to make it have the impact you want it to, yet fitting your keyword into it probably won’t be too much of a struggle.  Placing your keyword in your title tag is straightforward too.  Here’s what it looks like: 

<title>keyword or keyword phrase here </title>

Simply view the html code on your page and type the keyword phrase in the space reserved for your title or type the html code if it isn’t already present.


#3  Shoot for a keyword density of no more than 9 or 10% and no less than 3%.  That’s using your keyword 3 times per 100 words or approximately once in each paragraph.   

For the best sales converting copy, write the sales copy before you think about optimizing it for keywords.  Take care of your AIDA, Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, first and then go back and strategically place your keywords.  Many people will be arriving at your sales page and they will come via a variety of means, not just search engines, so it is important to make sure it sells first and foremost.

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