3 Tips to help you commit to your goal

from Aurelia Williams 

Many of us will sit down and write our goals but commitment plays a large part in getting goals achieved.  If you do not commit to achieving your goals, then your goals will seem unimportant and since it is not important, you will just be tempted to quit before you even get started.

However, show some commitment to your goals and set daily reminders to yourself about these goals and you will be encouraged to achieve them.

It is not that hard to commit to your goals as long as you set your mind to it. Here are some doable steps:

1) Make sure the goals you set are important to you. Take your time in figuring out what it is that your heart wants to achieve. Know your reason behind a specific goal. How will achieving the goal benefit you? How will you feel after accomplishing your goal?

It is best to write it down in a journal and keep it close by so that you can easily go back and read it as often as you need to. Writing it and reading your goals and reasons behind them over and over again will help you commit to the goal.

2) Make sure to consider the “what if’s”. Think about the consequences if you do not continue on with achieving your goal. If the consequences are not all that grave, then perhaps you need to reconsider your goals. Make your goals top priority wherein if you don’t work on achieving them, you’ll be faced with an unfavorable consequence. Be creative. You can promise to give something up if you do not achieve your goal. This way, you will try your best to ensure that your goal gets accomplished.

3) Renew your commitment each day. When your goal is new and your motivation is high, it is so easy to be committed. However, you need to stay committed until your goal is achieved. Make a conscious effort to remember your goal and its importance to you each day when you wake up. That is why it helps to write your goals down in a journal so you can read it over and over and remember its importance. Make a vow to work on your goal each day until it is achieved.

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