4 Steps to Creating Information Products

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Creating your first product may seem like a daunting process, but there are a few “easier” ways to get your product out there quickly. Here are a few quick and simple ways to create your first product.

Interview an Expert – You can get your feet wet with information products by interviewing and expert in your field. Once you interview the expert have the audio transcribed and offer both the audio and transcript for sale.

You’ll need to work out the terms with the expert but sometimes people are willing to do interviews in exchange for publicity or you can also give them resale rights to the product, meaning they can sell it as well for full profits. Always sort out the terms of the arrangements at the beginning so you don’t have any interesting surprises later on.

Use PLR – If you purchase a PLR product that allows resale rights then you can make a product out of it. The trick is to purchase a product and then edit it, giving it your own personal voice. You can also create a mini bonus product to go along with the main product for further value. It also helps to create your own graphics for the product and use your own sales page, rather than the standard page you may have purchased with the original PLR product.

Answer Questions – If you have a website or subscriber list, ask them to send you their most pressing questions. Start collecting these questions and simply answer them, add an introduction and closing and you have a product. Another great way to do this is to visit related forums and answer the questions being asked in your product. You shouldn’t use anyone’s name or personal details without permission, but you can answer general questions.

Quick Tip: Anytime someone emails you a question or you answer a question on a forum, copy and paste the question and answer into a swipe file. This way you always have fresh ideas you can use to write articles, blog posts, and even products.

Bundle your blog posts and/or Articles – You probably have a lot of content right on your computer. You can easily take previous blogs posts and articles and bundle them into a product. You’ll need to elaborate and flesh it out a little so that it has real significant value but it’s a great starting point for a product.

The most important thing when creating a product is to just get started. It’s easy to procrastinate when you’re entering the unknown but you’ll feel much better once you get over the “hump” and have your first draft ready. Once that’s done go through it again, edit ruthlessly and you’ll be the proud owner of a new product.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a few tips on creating a product outline (this will cut down your writing time dramatically).

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