5 Cool Things You Can Do With Google Docs

from Lynette Chandler 

Have you tried Google Docs yet? Well you should! I find it particularly useful for several reasons.

  • I can move from desktop to laptop easily. No network to permissions to mess with, no USB drives or (gasp floppies!)
  • I can work on my docs anywhere – with Internet connection of course
  • I can work on any system, doesn’t matter what the operating system is
  • I can share documents with partners, assistants and affiliates

As if that is not enough, Google Docs has some pretty neat features.

  1. Saving a document to PDF

    Export PDFYou hear people ask this all the time, what is the best PDF creator, or how do I create a PDF. Well, for starters, there is no ‘best’ PDF creator at least in my eyes. PDF creators are pretty generic but if you’re short on funds and don’t want to install anything on your computer let alone learn to use it, upload it into Google Docs. Then save as PDF.
  2. Add comments
    This is very useful for working with others. Example co-authors, ghost writers or even just your assistant. You can even color code it for different people.
  3. Find out what changed
    Docs Recent ChangesUnder the Revisions tab, you can quickly find out what you or anyone else collaborating on that document changed. I personally love this when I write an email or article and have someone else (like a native English speaker) look over it. I can compare my sentence with theirs and learn tons. Great for copy writing coaches or mentors.
  4. Create presentations

    Oh yes, this one they just added. No more getting copies of your presentation or forgetting to bring them to your clients’ office. It’s all on Google.

    This is very exciting because you can hold a teleconference call and have everyone log in to follow along. When they log in, they can also text chat with every one else who is viewing the presentation. No more expensive conference rooms. So wish I had this when we did the Blogging Starter Pack call in 2005!

  5. Keep a timesheet for billing
    I’ve used every imaginable software out there including Timestamp. And while they are all good, I wanted something where clients could log in to see the hours spent in real time. I also didn’t want a new system, additional cost and for the client to learn a new system or create yet another login. Google spreadsheet pretty much answered all of that for me.

    Almost everyone I know has a Google account so they don’t need to re-sign up for anything. I invite them as viewers to my spreadsheet and using simple mathematical formulas, all I do is enter the date, time in and time out. The spreadsheet calculates a running total of hours and billable amount.

    I keep one spreadsheet file for each client and each file has several sheets up to 12, one for each month. This way, the client can always tab through the sheets for each month to review for their own accounting or, they can print, save or share with their accountants quickly and painlessly.

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