7 PLR Rewrite tips

from Annette 

While there are mixed opinions on the whys and hows of PLR content many internet marketers still use it as part of their marketing strategy.  What people do agree on is the fact that to make PLR content most effective it’s important to make it your own.  Here are 7 tips to rewrite your PLR content and get the most bang for your buck.

#1  Buy quality PLR.  You’ve heard the saying "you get what you pay for."  As a writer I’ve occasionally been asked to rewrite PLR content for clients, which means I’ve seen some pretty awful stuff.  I’ve also seen some terrific PLR.  If you’re in the market check out AllPrivateLabelContent.com.

#2  Make simple changes.  If you’re pressed for time and really need to get that blog post up – make simple changes.  Change the headline, the subheads and if there are bulleted points or a list then a simple change in the wording can help to make it your own.

#3  Personalize it.  The internet has taken huge steps over the past three or four years to become a community.  Social networking sites and blog posts are only the beginning.  Marketers who share themselves with their audience help to create a sense of community.  Add a few personal examples or anecdotes to your PLR.  For example if your article is about the importance of recycling you can talk about the challenges of recycling at home and how you solved them for yourself.  You’ll help brand it and connect with your audience.

#4 Data and statistics.  A PLR article about how to buy green may have a great foundation, give it more credibility by inserting a few relevant statistics. If some data is already cited, change it and find different supporting data – this is a great way to make your PLR content unique.

#5 Reorganize the content – It’s typically very simple to take an article and break it up into a bulleted list or vice versa to take a list and change them into paragraph form.

#6  Combine a few short PLR articles on similar topics to create a longer article.  Some PLR content is around 250-450 words long.  You can pull relevant paragraphs from two or three articles on the same related subject, write a new introduction and conclusion and voila – new content.

#7.  Hire someone to rewrite it for you.  Be sure to let the writer know what you intend to use the content for and give them a link to your website so they can get a feel for your audience and your voice.

PLR is a great way to keep content flowing on your website, blog, or article marketing directories – take a few minutes to make it your own.

Happy rewriting!

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