A Treasure Hunt

from Sarah Robinson 

Whew!  I have just returned from my annual 2 week vacation to the remote Cumberland Island, GA.  Most of this island is national wilderness area and we have to take a 2 hour boat ride to get there.  No stores, no eateries, no nothing but wild horses, dolphins, beautiful beaches and lots and lots of creativity!

My son is 5 years old now- he made is first trip to the island when he was 8 weeks old.  He is enthralled with pirates so we joined forces with other parents and devised simple but exciting treasure hunt.

The event began with a mysterious bottle that was stuck in the mud of the bay shore one morning.  Once we broke the bottle open, low and behold, there was Blackbeard’s Treasure Map!  The husbands and 2 boys took off with the map (and the handy compass my husband just happened to have in hispocket) like a rocket in search of TREASURE!  The moms, of course, hightailed it to the beach to bury the treasure and make sure the map markings and clues were intact.

Wow – the look on their faces when they dug up that treasure box was worth every bit of effort that went into the planning.  My son is still clutching his treasure box as his most prized possession!

The interesting thing is that whenever we went back to that spot on the beach, Thomas wanted to dig for more treasure.  Unfortunately, we had no map to tell us where to dig.  So though we are certain there are more treasure chests to be found, without a map to guide us, we couldn’t begin to find more treasure.

So my question for you is, do you have a Treasure Map?  What treasure are you seeking?  Have you plotted out how to locate it complete with trail markers and a compass or are you just digging just anywhere in hopes of random success? 

Direct Selling is a business, like any other business, and a map to success will help you move closer and closer to the treasure you are seeking.

Love & Success!

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