A Week Unexpected

from Sarah Robinson 

So this week is not exactly working like I had planned. Sunday night I made my usual weekly list of when I was teaching, what I was writing, business tasks I needed to complete. I thought it was a nice, manageable list.

UNTIL……. my son woke up Monday morning sick sick sick and hasn’t gone to school one day this week. So, my perfect plans went right out the window.

I couldn’t completely blow off working and he wasn’t deathly ill – just ill enough not to be welcome in his classroom. So, I’ve had to re-group each morning and decide:

1) exactly what HAS to happen. For example today I taught the first class in an 8 week series. I could have re-scheduled if he were really really sick, but decided that I did not want to start off a coaching intensive that way.

2) Decide whatcan wait. For example, I wanted to work on the website of a pet project of mine. I haven’t gotten to work on it lately and it is fun to me. Not happening this week. Unless I do it while we watch the Olympics tonight……

3) Delegate to my assistant what has to be done that I can’t do that she can. For example, because I started a class this week, I got lots of questions from participants before the first call. Sine I could predict that (it happens every time), I checked in with my team and made sure they were on standby to respond to any emails that came in about the class.

4) Let the rest go and enjoy the fact that I can be home with my son, fix him Gatorade, watch Between the Lions, put a cool rag on his head without wondering if I am going to run out of vacation days. That is what makes my life taste sweet.

What does this have to do with Direct Selling? Plenty. I was reminded by a client today that many direct sellers start their businesses to be available to their familes, but quickly lose track of that (somtimes are pressured to lose track of it – but that is a post for another day) – and when a wrench get thrown into their schedule it creates a meltdown.

When (notice I did not say “if”) this happens to you, use the steps above to get yourself back on track. Remember why you started your business in the first place. Take a deep breath, make some choices and be glad you have the power to make them.

Here’s to a sweet tasting life, compliments of your direct selling business!


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