Are You Suited For Blogging?

from Lynette Chandler 

1742-4644.jpgWhile visiting a high profile A-List blog, I noticed an interesting comment. The commenter believed that some people are just not suited to blogging because they have nothing to say.

I personally believe most people – if not everyone is suited for blogging.

Why? Because blogging is like verbalizing – or rather putting down into writing your thoughts. If you don’t have a chatter box in your head then well… I guess you are not suited for blogging. But honestly, how many people you know don’t talk to themselves everyday, all through the day? I don’t know many people who don’t.

Personally, I have a gazillion thoughts running through my head every hour. If I didn’t blog and put them down even if it’s a private blog for my own purpose, I would go crazy. But here’s the big question.

What if you’re blogging for business? How many things can you say about your business anyway? Won’t you run out of topics?

Hmm… good point, but if you cannot think of much to say about your industry, then you may be in the wrong industry. What I’m trying to get at is this.

Most entrepreneurs I know have lots to talk about. They are asked a ton of questions on a regular basis. Some of it repeating.

They are also constantly seeking out new information, news or ideas about their product, their company or their industry. They also have lots to say about doing business in general.

Try going for coffee with another entrepreneur. Do you run out of things to chat about? I think if you and I got on the phone right now we’d chat up a storm. Or, try talking to someone with the same interests. If you sell hand made jewelry, I bet you know a lot about them too. Get up with another who makes or enjoys hand made jewelry and you could probably talk all day. All that is worth blogging about.

If you’re stuck looking for things to blog about, download this handbook. Keep it by your computer. Flip through it when you feel at a loss for words. I’ll bet you’ll find at least one thing to blog about.

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