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Article marketing is a great way for online business owners to spread the word about their business.  It helps to establish you as an expert, brings you incoming links and general all around publicity for your website… but with so many business owners realizing the many benefits of writing and distributing articles, you may need to work extra hard to get your articles read and published.

A good way to ensure your article makes it onto top websites and publications is to use catchy article titles.  Of course the rest of the article needs to be interesting and informative but the reader needs to get past the title first… so let’s start there.

My top tip for creating article titles that get noticed:

Start with your magazines.  Grab a couple of magazines you have around the house and look at the front cover.  You’ll notice there are quite a few intriguing headlines.  These are catchy and make the reader stop and and do a double take.  Magazine editors work hard to get their mags into the hands of buyers, so you know that time and effort has been put into creating these topics.

This is great news for you because just by looking through a few magazines you’ll pick up plenty of ideas.  Here are a few headlines from a dieting magazine I have in front of me:

(source: Slimming World Magazine UK)

7 Days to a slimmer, sexier you!

15-minute feasts

Revealed! The truth about weight loss and your breasts

Lose weight at work plan: feel great by Friday!

Smart moves – The latest fun ways to get fit 

Magazines can also help you create headlines for sales copy and ads.  Now please keep in mind that you should never plagiarize someone’s work, instead use these publications as a starting point and to get ideas.  You can easily take any of the topics above and customize them to fit your style and topic without copying the wording.

Another good place to get ideas is the newspaper.  Just like magazines you’ll find plenty of catchy headlines and topics that will help get your creative juices flowing.  They’re also a great tool for keeping up with all the latest in your field, find out what type of products they’re selling, get ideas for articles and your own products… I love magazines!

What about you?  Do you have any tips for writing catchy headlines and article titles?

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