Are Your Photos Giving Away Your Product?

from Lynette Chandler 

Although I happened to notice these cases a while back, today an incident happened that reminded me of this whole affair. While these case studies were taken from eBay, yet you should be cautious that it can happen anywhere outside eBay when selling your digital goods.

Many sellers think, just because a digital product is not sent to someone, that means the customer won’t get the benefit of using it unless they paid for it. But this does not always apply. Depending on the product, people don’t have to download your product from you in order to consume it. What do I mean?

Case Study 1 A seller has plans (blue prints) for sale. The plans show people how to build a CB radio tower. In his listing he had pictures of his plans that included an enlarged picture. Even though the resolution wasn’t exactly sharp but you could practically see the whole blue print for the tower.

My husband who is accustomed to reading blue prints every day at work says that’s enough information for him to build the tower. All he does is print out that one image. Now, he didn’t do that and went ahead to purchase it. But not everyone will do that.

Case # 2 Seller has a used notebook computer and says he doesn’t have the Windows disk anymore but he has the license key. On the listing, there’s a picture of the license key clear enough you can print it out and use it.

The seller is fortunate here because you can’t use a notebook computer unless you buy it and he ships it to you. But what if he’s selling just the software? Maybe not all buyers will be that savvy but some of them will be. I for one will not be bidding for it even though it’s a really good deal because I don’t want to use an operating system that’s already been unintentionally pirated.

Solution: Either make the picture smaller, don’t put it up at all or better yet, if it’s something you sell over and over, create a cover graphic for it like a CD case cover or a book representation. When you put a picture of your product up, don’t forget to look it over, or ask someone to look it over. It’s easy for us to miss these things sometimes.

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