Awkward Keyword Phrases And Headlines

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Optimizing your content for the search engines can be tricky sometimes. Actually, it can be downright frustrating.  Who comes up with these keyword phrases anyway? 

Misspellings, plurals, and words that are out of any logical order, it’s enough to make your head spin yet these are the keywords people are using to find products and services like yours so you have to find a way to make them work.   

For example, the subject of wedding photography may generate the following keywords:

 Wedding photos family, wedding invitations photos, wedding photos ideas – they probably made sense when plugged into a search engine however, in the form of content, well….Fortunately they’re all good topics for content the trick is fitting them into a sensible and catchy headline.     

While search engines spiders look to find keywords in your subheadings and in the first and last paragraph of your content for your keywords.  They’re also sophisticated enough now that they look for relevant words throughout your copy. 

However, the first and most important place they look is in your headline, so how do you fit the keyword phrase Wedding Photos Family into your headline? When all else fails, here’s a good trick.  Place your keyword phrase in your headline and separate it with a hyphen from the rest of your catchy and attention getting headline.   

For example, Wedding Photos Family – 10 Tips to Capture Your Special Day.   Or  Wedding Invitations Photos – Setting The Right Tone For Your Perfect Day. 

This structure keeps your awkward keyword phrase in your headline so that you get the benefits of search engine optimization and it enables you to offer a compelling headline at the same time.

This type of headline structure works great for article submission sites, blog posts, and SEO optimized web content.  Next time you have an awkward keyword phrase, don’t pull your hair out – hyphenate it.

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