Beware of Multi-Tasking

from Aurelia Williams 

Many times we get caught up in the notion that the more things we are doing at once — the more things we will get done. In actuality, the opposite is true.

Many people have fallen victim to the multi-tasking monster. We put too many things on our plate then try to multi-task our way though it all, kidding ourselves that we are getting a lot done. When tasks don’t get your full attention, errors creep in which leads to frustration and then ultimately leads to you spending time undoing and correcting mistakes.

Multi-tasking is not the answer to getting more things in a certain time period. Take a moment and concentrate on not trying to do everything at once. When you set aside time to pay undivided attention to one thing, you’ll be much more productive.

Multi-Tasking has become second nature for many of us and for those of you that are ready to put the Multi-Tasking monster to rest, I have some tips for you.

  • It is very important that you become more efficient at estimating the time it will take you to finish a task. Its best to always allow for 15 – 30 minutes longer than you think it will take you.
  • Keep a notebook handy so that you can jot down idea’s as they come to you. This will stop the urge to drop what you are doing and run onto a “new” task before the current one has been completed.
  • When you are working on a task — stay focused. Turn off the email, ignore the phone and concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Don’t forget to delegate some tasks if you can. You can take things off of your plate and pass them to others.Take a look at your normal day and see how many times you split your brain-power across multiple tasks. Try to make a mental not about it and then work on some of the suggestions above to become more focused on one task at a time. Your productivity will rise and your stress will become lower.
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