Beware of the Social Networking Trap

from Alice Seba 

Social networking, though very popular today, can become a trap that can actually decrease your productivity and suck up hours of valuable work time.

So be careful!

A few of the more common culprits include Twitter, a micro-blogging tool which allows you to communicate with followers (friends) instantly. Another is Facebook, a social networking site that allows you to join a network by geographic location, create a profile and add friends. Of course we all know about the infamous MySpace as well.

There are also other social networking sites, all which are useful in their own right and do offer some valuable opportunities to network. But if you don??t value your time and approach your networking wisely, they can have a negative affect on your business.

If you are like most online business owners, it??s not uncommon to long for a connection with the outside world. These social networking sites offer this adult interaction making them like magnets we can??t seem to get away from. If we aren’t careful we can easily spend hours or in some cases, entire days chatting away with our new found friends. This comes at a cost to our business, Moms!

Instead of putting in valuable work time, that for many of us can sometimes be hard to come by, we waste it away chatting. It??s best to use these sites wisely, by scheduling into your day specific yet limited times to chat.

Just like other areas of our business, we must have a plan for networking too. Ask yourself, ??What is my purpose for joining and interacting on these types of sites??? Some people choose to use Twitter as a way of announcing new and exciting information about their business and keeping their customers abreast of what??s going on.

Others may use them for catching up with online friends and as a truly social connection. That??s perfectly fine. However, you??ve got to limit that time if you want to be productive in your business. A virtual water cooler is definitely a plus for us work at home mamas, but even in the real world, a boss wouldn??t let you sit in the break room all day long chatting it up with your co-workers. We shouldn??t allow ourselves to do it either.

Either way, use of these sites can be beneficial to business owners if used for the better of our business or our sanity. Always allow yourself as much focused worked time as possible each day and throw in a little chit-chat but don??t let your business suffer because of it. After all, we all know there will be plenty of distractions in our day without adding another one to the bunch.

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