Big Following Does Not [Always] Equal Big Money

from Lynette Chandler 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that social networks are hot. When you’re on a network like Twitter or FaceBook, you may often be impressed by the large number of followers and friends some people have. Now, if that person is already somewhat of a celebrity in their industry you understand why. But if that person is someone you’ve not heard of and have a gazillion followers you’re probably thinking to yourself that they’re doing really well.

Not so fast. It is a sad truth that many who know how to bring in the numbers don’t know how to effectively get them to their site or monetize them. As a result, they earn very little or nothing at all.

Followers and newsletter subscribers are two different things. Personally, I’ve always felt list subscribers much more profitable and loyal than following at any social networks. I believe this is because people who are at social networks friend or follow you to (surprise) befriend you and – let’s be honest about this – hopefully sell something to you. People who subscribe to your list do so because they want something from you, are more interested in what you have to offer them and expect you to pitch offers to them – to a certain extent.

So next time you’re in a social networking site and you start feeling envious of the number of followers or friends they have. Stay the course. Focus on converting followers to blog readers and newsletter subscribers and subscribers to customers.

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