Boy, Did I Mess Up

from Sarah Robinson 

Well, I messed up yesterday.  Simply put, I said something I should not have said.  No need to go into the gory details.  Suffice it to say I was trying to be funny and I offended someone.

Now I could spend all kinds of time justifying my wisecrack and telling you the offended party was being overly sensitive – that’s just not important, though.  In hindsight, my core soul knows I should not have said what I said.  Period. End of discussion.

I’ve done my best to clean up the mess I made – that’s my job in this situation.  It is also my job to remember, remember, remember my criteria for saying anything – at all - involving another person.

1) Is it true?

2) Is it kind?

3) Is it necessary?

I could keep me and my big mouth out of a whole mess of trouble and some excrutiatingly painful apologies if I just remembered to follow these simple guidelines.

So, I invite you to learn from my painful mistake and incorporate these guidelines into your own business and your own life.  It will save you from a whole mess of problems, too:)

Love & Success-


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