Brainstorm: How To Sell Santa Letters On eBay…

from Jenni Hunt 

From the mailbag and forum – Question from Michele:
“I have been selling on eBay for the past few years around the holidays to make extra money. I just bought Mila and Alice’s new ebook on a Santa Letter Biz. Any suggestions, hints or advice on how to make this successful and set myself apart to sell this on eBay? If it works, I’d like to continue with other holidays also. Thanks.”

There are quite a few options for selling Santa letters – here are a few suggestions:

  1. Research: Whether your research involves watching eBay for competitive products or testing out your own listings… start out with research to see what kind of market there is on eBay for Santa letters.
  2. Don’t plan on making all your money from the letters: Have a plan… use the letters to build an income down the road. I talked about this in the previous post – about using eBay to drive traffic to your business or to build a list. Capture email addresses from interested visitors and customers and follow up with additional products or info – maybe you do this year round and offer Letters from St. Valentine and the Easter Bunny too! Could be a subscriptions… could promote affiliate products (does the Santa Letter ebook have an affiliate program??) – get creative.
  3. Try using eBay’s classified ads to promote the products. For $9.97 a month you can list a classified ad that appears just like an eBay auction – only it is for lead generation. Interested parties have to fill out a contact form if they are interested… allowing you to follow up. Once you have that email address, you can follow up and hopefully make some nice sales on more than just the Santa Letter. eBay is very relaxed with their limitations for classified ads – here is a link to eBay’s site:

Remember, it is about getting creative and coming up with ways to separate yourself from the competition… these are just a few ideas to help you get the wheels turning – but, I think you could do quite well on eBay with these if you have a good plan.

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