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from Rhea Perry 

Another industry is feeling the pressure of a struggling economy – book publishing.

This usually recession-proof industry has recently started laying off, excuse me “down-sizing”, some of its leaders.

Here’s an article with the latest news:

So what does that mean?

Well, quite simply, it means that business as we have known it for the past few decades is changing. Some might say it is sinking or biting the dust.

But have you ever known this great capitalistic society of ours to fail?

The problem here is vision. Look at this situation from another standpoint.

Yes, the economy is not doing well. Yes, big companies are struggling right along with hard-working consumers. But all is not lost.

Things are changing but they are not ending. That is not the nature of business in general. Instead, I believe things are shifting.

The shift business is making is from the traditional offline model where a company has a nice big building with lots of employees to the online world. There, business is conducted with no buildings, assistants working virtually from home and everyone making MORE money because expenses and overhead are less and the potential is unlimited.

How do I know this? I’ve had an online business for years and our team is spread out all over the country.

We produce ebooks, membership sites, online training courses and conferences.

We have a coaching program for families who are all over the world – Saudi Arabia, Chile, Australia, Canada and most of the 50 states.

Where is our home office?

My bedroom in Tennessee.

Where is my Office Manager?

At her house in California.

Where is our webmaster?

At her house in Wisconsin, that is, if she’s home. She’s still a teenager.

Other members of our team are scattered all over the the country along with many contractors who work for us when we need them.

Some work around home educating their children, some work after regular work hours. Some even work at night and sleep all day.

Face it, that’s the new look of business.

If you are in despair about your job or your business, realize that business in this country is not ending, it is moving. Get a better vantage point and realize where it is moving to.

Those who will be financially successful in this decade will have an online business of some kind. If you wait until you are FORCED to do something out of desperation, you may make some pretty bad mistakes. You may also spend way too much money trying to solve the problem. It’s a lot safer and easier to start preparing for a change BEFORE you need to.

Having a business on the Internet is not hard; but there is a learning curve. And there is a lot to know.

People spend 4 years in college and never expect to make a dime the whole time they’re there. And even after they graduate, it still may take a few months before they find the right job or even A job.

So don’t think you can hop onto the Internet and learn everything you need to know in one month. It’s not possible. The thing changes about every three months, and sometimes faster than that. You have to keep up with it.

So if you are worried about your job situation, decide now that you WILL do something on the Internet in 2009.

Don’t wait until a pink slip forces you to decide.

There is hope for this economy. There is hope for your financial situation. You’re looking at it.

So many books, so little time…

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