Business: It's All About Relationships

from Sarah Robinson 

Recently I received a question fron an InternetBased Moms reader who is NOT in direct selling.  She wanted to know if there are business skills and ideas from the Direct Selling world that would translate into the rest of the business world.

I actually hear this question often and the most interesting thing about it to me is that somehow we seperate the Direct Selling business world from the rest of the business world.  I actually approach my business coaching from the opposite mindset.  Business is business; entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship.  The business specifics may be different, but the business fundamentals remain the same.

What is the single most influential business fundamental for any and all entrepreneurs? Relationships.  By finding a way to develop honest, sincere relationships that come from a sincere desire to serve and provide meaningful solutions, any business owner can set themselves apart in a very loud, crowded marketplace.

Here are some tips for doing just that:

1) Think about how your product/service solves a problem others might have.  Frame your marketing around that solution.

2) When you are talking to others – ask them meaningful questions about themselves and really listen to the answers.

3) Look for ways to solve a problem someone else has – even it does not involve selling them anything you have.  You may have a resource that would help or you may know just the person who can help – make that introduction!  They will remember you:)

4) Communicate in meaningful ways.  Use the phone, use the internet, use the mail.  And communicate not only your sales message, but meaningful, helpful ideas/tips or even a note to say “hi” that has NO SALES MESSAGE AT ALL.

5) Be patient.  Developing relationships takes time and you will invest in those relationships before you sell a thing.  But the strength and length of that relationship and all the opportunities it will bring you will be worth it!

Love & Success!

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