Business or Hobby?

from Jenni Hunt 

Some sellers sell on eBay just for extra cash… but many sell to build a business. If you are looking to build a business with eBay – one of the most important pieces you need to be aware of is to have an AboutMe page. eBay is one of the most visited websites in the world… and your AboutMe page is like your own eBay website.

Here are some tips for what to include on your About Me page:

  • Remember even though it is an About ME page – it isn’t all about YOU. Make the focus on your customers and include the kind of information they would want to know about you and your business.
  • If you sell used items – include descriptions of how you rate your items. For example – define ‘good condition’ or ’slightly worn’ so there are no misunderstandings from your buyers
  • Do you sell clothing? Describe how you take measurements. When you measure the length of a dress do you measure from the neckline to the hem? or from the top of the shoulder to the hem?
  • Offer your visitors a discount if they sign up for your newsletter… you can include a link to your website and have a discount code in your autoresponder sequence that they can use to save on their winning bids.
  • Be personal – but remain professional… if you selling to other moms (ie., selling children’s items) – remember that moms love to connect with other moms. Be sure to be personal and share a bit about yourself – but don’t go overboard! They want to learn more about you and how you manage/run your business… and may not be interested in 20 pictures of your children and pets.
  • Finally – be sure to mention your AboutMe page on your listings. This is especially effective if you are gathering email address/leads through an offer for signing up for your newsletter.

It always helps to put yourself in the shoes of your customers… Think about when you are the buyer and you are looking to learn about a seller – what do you like to see on the AboutMe page you are visiting?

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