Contests & Giveaways, How to Get Prizes?

from Alice Seba 

I received the following question from a reader named Mel and thought I??????d answer it here because it??????s a great question and many online business owners find their blogs are a great way to market themselves and their business.

Q: ??????Many blogs are offering free giveaways/draws. You know the enter your email address and receive a chance to win or blog about this contest and link back to the contest post in order to submit your request to win. Sounds like a great way to generate traffic and interest. They can??????t be funding all the giveaways by themselves, so how do they do this????

A: There are many companies out there willing to provide prizes in exchange for the promotion. I know the next question is, but where do you find them, right?

Talk to fellow mom business owners and don??????t be afraid to approach bigger companies even though they may seem ??????out of your league.??? Thinking you??????re not a big enough business, you haven??????t been around long enough, etc. etc. is a whole other post on it??????s own. Many companies are happy to provide free products in return for the word of mouth and potential products.

Tell them what you are thinking of doing, how you will help spread the word about their business and go from there.

Important Tip:

From my own personal experience, I recommend getting the prizes in your hand prior to the giveaway and ship them out to your winners. I??????ve had trouble with sponsors in the past not coming through, which left me with a winner but no prize. By having the person or company donating the prize send it to you, you can be sure you have it BEFORE you announce the contest or giveaway. Plus, you can add your own promotions to the prize box as well before mailing it off.

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