Creating Financial Wellness

from Rhea Perry 

The more I interact with homeschoolers, the more
I see how there is so much more we can do than what
most of us are doing.

We attend workshops on selecting the right grammar
program and we study books on how to teach multiple
levels of children simultaneously. But we tend to focus
so much on the details and the subject matter that we
don’t see the bigger picture.

Most of us simply replicate what we learned in traditional
school which was designed to move a large mass of students
through a particular amount of information. Basically,
traditional schools train good employees.

That’s fine. Our country needs good employees. It can’t
survive without them.

But what if your child is not going to be an “employee”?

What if your child is gifted and with a little freedom and
mentoring would be the next Thomas Edison or Mozart
or Albert Einstein?

If you’re child regularly complains that what you’re doing
isn’t relevant to life, don’t accuse him of being rebellious.
It may be that he or she beginning to experience vision
for his or her own life.

That’s a good thing. That’s what we want. We don’t want
to squash that.

Maybe the education you “think” he needs isn’t sufficient.

Maybe he needs more.

How do you know if it is?

Good question. Sometimes, you don’t.

I could talk about this for hours.
But for now, let me just give you one thought to ponder.

Who taught you how to buy a house?

Answer: Nobody.

And if you paid full retail, you did it wrong.

The largest purchase most folks make in their life is
usually made with absolutely no training. The only
advice most of us got was from someone who was
either trying to sell or finance the house, right?

How do we know we can trust that advice?

We don’t.

When it comes to real estate, you don’t know what
you don’t know, yet no one ever takes Basic Real Estate

Well, I challenge you to add that to your high school

Problem is: Education is not available. How can you
know who to trust?

Well, that is exactly why I have created a weekend real
estate investing event with 10 experts who know what
they’re doing and how to make it easier by using the

You won’t find folks like these just anywhere. They are
extremely rare because of what they know.

If you think you can’t afford to attend an educational
event like this, you are probably not as financially healthy
as you think you are.

Real Estate investors are.

Until you understand the mindset of an investor, you’ll
never be financially healthy no matter how much you
earn in a year.

That’s what you’ll learn when you attend our upcoming

Plus, this is the only real estate event I’ll probably ever
produce so if you truly want your teens to be educated
to be financially healthy, try to make it.

Are you ready to improve your financial health?

Here’s where to learn how:

Let’s make it happen next weekend in Huntsville, Alabama!

So many books, so little time…

who wants to see America’s home educated kids think
differently so they can change the world

P.S. Make sure you teach your kids how to buy a house.

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