Treating Your Customers Right and Getting Them to Buy More

from Alice Seba 

Everybody always seems so concerned about traffic building opt-in lists and finding new customers. Don??t get me wrong, these things are very important?? but in the process, sometimes it??s easy to forget our most valuable asset:

Our existing customers

A satisfied customer is highly likely to buy again, so take the time to nurture this relationship and encourage repeat purchases.

Here are some ideas to do that:

1. Provide great customer service: This is quite obvious, but is the cornerstone to making our customers happy and more willing to buy again.

2. Provide and honor satisfaction guarantees: Whether you offer a digital or physical product, given your customers some recourse should your products not meet their needs. A company that ensures customer satisfaction is one that is going to get repeat sales.

3. Follow-up! Everyone is always so concerned with following up with their opt-in list, but forget about their more valuable customer list. Make sure you stay in touch with your customers.

4. Go beyond what your customers expect: Provide them with extra bonuses and goodies (these don??t have to be expensive?? digital goodies are well received) and wow them where you can. You can automate this process by making it part of your customer follow up autoresponder.

5. Give Advanced Notice and/or Customer Discounts: Treat your customers better than the general public. Give them first chance to buy a product and ever give them a special discount for customers only.

When you get a great customer…hang onto them. It’s always easier than hunting down new ones.

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