Customers More Comfortable With Online Purchasing… BUT

from Jenni Hunt 

they are taking longer to buy!

I was reading last week about how customers are getting more comfortable buying online – but this might not be so good for sellers. See, as customers get more comfortable with how shopping online works, they get more comfortable with shopping around. The competition out there is fierce – and if the customer is shopping around… well, that is even more of a reason to be sure our listings are all they can be!

I’ll be posting more about this next week – but, I’m just about to release a new product package that helps improve auction listings… stay tuned – because whether you have been selling on eBay for a long time… or just looking to get into it, this comprehensive package can help you take your listings up a notch.

Your Turn…
What are you doing to keep your customers from shopping around and buy from YOU?

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