Do You Make This Careless Web 2.0 Mistake?

from Lynette Chandler 

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So, you are the social networks butterfly in your niche. Or maybe working toget there. Web 2.0, a lose term to cover social networks, social bookmarks, blogs, micro blogsand other such ’social’ tools can be so exciting.

It is easy to get caught up in building a large number of ‘friends’, followers or fans. The direct and speedy communication method with our audience and peers often leaves us with a nice warm feeling. I think it’s great!

But I also think it makes us careless. Careless because we get comfortable. And when we’re comfortable, we talk about things we shouldn’t be.Like our business’ plans, direction and other information that really shouldn’t be discussed in public.

From brainstorming domain names to developing new sites, researching niches to business ideas. If you’re not in a private group you can trust, be careful what you share.

I think a big reason why you see a lot of brainstorming going on in public is because working from home is an extremely lonely existence. Unlike working in an office, you don’t have co-workers you can call on to run things by. You don’t have a boss to give you criticism (constructive or not).

So, many at home business owners unload on forums, Twitter, Facebook, their own blogs andother social networks. Rarely stopping to consider who could be lurking. It is OK to ask for feedback and assistance. But if you are just hashing things out, wanting feedback on a new idea you don’t have the knowledge, experience or resources to launch immediately, that is not the time to ask publicly. There are many others who have more cash, more time and more specific knowledge than you to take your ideas and have it set up this week.

If you truly need help, join a mastermind group. Or create one of our own, pick those you trust and get on the phone. That’s social networking for ya. Help each other out in private.

Something else to chew on. When creating something new, a little mystery can be good to get and keep people’s interest. Talk about your mystery project, without giving too much away.

Photo credit: Karen Barefoot

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