Does Social Marketing Change Marketing?

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Each one a part of the growing force, sweeping across the internet in the form of social marketing. None of these networks existed when I started in my online journey. We had other ways of connecting, none of which compare to the vast multi-media experiences that exist today. I’ve been watching the evolution of marketing online for a long time.

Two recent experiences had me analyzing the differences in marketing over the past ten years more closely than I have in the past. The first was having the opportunity to interview Jason Alba in my role as media and public relations specialist here at Internet Based Moms. You know, the position that gives me the freedom to write for this blog on a Sunday afternoon. (You’ve got to love the flexibility to schedule your contributions around the schedule of your family…reason #5983 that being a work at home mom rocks!)Anyway, as part of that interview we discussed social networking and how it’s  affecting marketing. I came away thinking, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

I was reminded of this again, earlier tonight as I read Melody Thacker’s post on “The Unwritten Rules of Social Media”.

You’d think by now it wouldn’t have to be spelled out for people. There are perfectly effective and respectful ways of attracting attention to your product or service. There’s no need for anyone to spam or scam. Even greed can’t be used as an excuse, since many ethical marketers are enjoying quite financially (and otherwise) fulfilling lives.

Building relationships has always been at the core of the most effective marketing campaigns. The fact pre-dates the Internet by more years than I can count. Possibly back into the age of caves – not that I was around then, no matter what my sons may think – but I have read things to that extent.

It should be obvious that being rude in the delivery of your sale message will dilute if not totally negate the message.

What’s the point of that?

Social networking is really just small town life on steroids when it all gets boiled down to the basics. People don’t like to hang around or do business with rude, annoying, loud or questionable people. In a small town, they get talked about. Online, they get blogged and twittered about.

For those who provide quality services and products at reasonable rates and who advertise and market their products with integrity and respect…there’s no  need to worry excessively about social marketing. Your good reputation translate into valuable feedback and referals within the social networks that your target market uses.

Of course, you’d be well-advised to jump into the fray and get involved with communities that appeal to you. It’s just a good idea to explore what social networks have to offer you, whether you join with an eye on business or just because you happen to like a certain activity – you’ll likely find the benefits of belonging to an online community to be priceless.

This is true of even the most rudimentary of social networks, online and off. Being a member of a group often has unexpected rewards in other areas of our lives. As Melody said  it is natural that people gravitate towards friends and other people they know for advice over that of a marketer.

On major advantage that social marketing provides is the unsurpassed ability to intimately know our target market. You can learn more about your market than ever with polls, surveys, focus groups and anecdotal  stories. Social marketing opens up the ability to be in tune with your target audience like never before.

You just have to be nice about presenting your business and follow the rules.

That’s not that hard, is it?

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2 Responses to “Does Social Marketing Change Marketing?”
  1. Mara B. says:

    I haven’t gotten too involved with the social marketing, but haven’t really had a need to. I think I will give some of it a little closer look and see if it’s something I should do. My guess is that most of it won’t be relevant right now. But it’s good to know what’s out there.

  2. Patrysha says:

    I’d beg to differ Mara B, you are at least on the fringe of the current phase of social marketing. After all blogs are part of the social marketing scene.

    Social marketing is just a fancy word for peer-to-peer or word of mouth marketing dressed in the latest techno-fashions :-) It’s always relevant to build relationships!