Doing it All

from Rhea Perry 

 Here’s another list of How to Solve All Your Problems:

1. Quit eating.
2. Quit sleeping.
3. Quit going to town to run errands, pay bills and buy groceries.
4. Quit spending time with your family.
5. Quit listening to me.

Just kidding!

When I moved to the country out of desperation from having Too Much To Do,
I had to thin out my life. Moving thinned it somewhat since we crossed the
state line and long-distance friends quit calling. But we decided that in order to
get the life we wanted, like a prize-winning rose, we had to prune a lot of

This is what I did; I’m not saying you should do this too. Do what works
for you when it’s time to do it, not before.

I reordered my priorities and cut out everything that wasn’t directly
related to my kids and my  husband. I quit going to support functions and outings of all kinds.
Yes, I enjoyed the fellowship when I was there but it took so much of my day or night to make
it happen and usually the kids ended up getting ignored or babysat. If you are at the
place in life that you NEED that, then don’t give that up. There is a time for
everything. (A good email group can provide the fellowship, encouragement and education
you need.)

I focus on educating my kids. When we build websites or start new
projects, that IS school. If we add something like that, we take off something else.
Building websites is Science: technology so we wouldn’t do other science during that time.

Writing a book is English: composition so we wouldn’t do other English at
that time.

You need adult time so find it when the kids are asleep or give them
something quiet to do during your quiet time. I HAVE to get up before my gang because once
the day starts, I can’t concentrate very much again. I hate being interrupted when
I’m trying to do something serious so I budget my time. I let them stay up late and read
while I go to sleep early. They sleep in so I can get up and read. It works for us.

If you have a baby or a retired person in the house, create your schedule
around that person’s needs. But you have to create some kind of schedule, even if it is
a loose one. If you don’t control your time, it will run away from you and at the end of
the day, you’ll wonder where it went.

So many books, so little time…

who continually prunes things out of her life

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