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Over at the forums Tishia asked a question about article writing.  Seeing ourselves as a writer online can seem like a strange thing at first but always keep in mind that writing for the internet is simply about sharing information in a clear and friendly way. 

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Write a top ten or seven list.  These are fun and easy to put together.  For example:

10 Easy Ways to Cook Chicken

7 Steps to the Perfect Family Vacation

10 Fun Facts about Halloween

7 Facts your Doctor Doesn’t Want you to Know

7 Easy Ways to Promote your Home Business

Once you decide on a topic, it’s as easy as following this well known writing formula:

Tell them what you’re going to tell them

Tell them

Tell them what you’ve told them

Here’s an example:

“7 Easy Ways to Promote your Home Business” 

Tell them what you’re going to tell them:  The main ingredient for success in any business is effective marketing.  Good marketing doesn’t mean you have to hire a top PR firm or spend thousands to spread the word about your new venture.

Here are 7 easy and affordable ways to promote your home business.

Tell them (tips go here):  Write a Press Release – Reporters are always on the lookout for fresh, new stories.  Write an informative press release about your new business or latest happenings.  Keep in mind, a press release should read like a newsworthy story and not an advertisement.  Think of how your services and business will benefit the local community and write from that angle.

List your other tips here:

Tell them what you’ve told them:  Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, with a little thought, elbow grease and creativity you can effectively promote your business on a shoestring budget!

This was a quick example, but you get the idea.  To make the process even easier don’t think about writing your article to flow or read well during the first draft.  Simply write down what you want to say without thinking about the flow.  Write your tips in a basic instructional manner.  Then write a short summary of what you’ve written for the closing. 

Set the article aside for at least an hour, then go back to it, add emotion and make it flow well and you’re set!

And don’t be intimidated, online writing is very different to the formal stuff you learned in English class.  For an easy article writing formula, including templates, take a look at Easy Article Marketing:  http://www.internetbasedmoms.com/m/eam.html

Good luck!








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