It's Easy To Lose Track

from Alice Seba 

You know, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a store or a restaurant or some other types of brick and mortar business.

Put aside the start-up costs, overhead and the loss of freedom, but it almost seems sooooo simple, doesn’t it?

You run a store that sells women’s clothes.

You sell sushi.


Running a business online comes with a whole new set of challenges. There are so many distractions, so many opportunities and sometimes you can lose track of it all. Case in point, it’s been months and months since I’ve posted here. How shameful, but I do plan to correct it.

If you feel things running away from you, here are a few tips that might help:

  • Be realistic about how much time you really have. Schedule less rather than more.
  • Don’t take on every opportunity for free promotion when labor is involved (i.e. guest posting, etc.)
  • Crunch your numbers regularly. Shave of the least profitable activities and projects.
  • Restructure things so they are less labor-intensive and more profitable.
  • Keep an inventory. Domain names add up, so do all your online business holdings. Keep an at-a-glance inventory at your fingertips at at ll times.

I want to thank Mila for realizing that the writers on the blog here may have over-extended themselves. We enjoy posting here and we know Mila’s readers enjoy reading the posts. She took the time to restructure things and make it easier for us to participate. A win-win for all. :-)

(PS I know the running a brick and mortar store is not simple or easy…just imagining the reduced distractions.)

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