eBay – What Are You Thinking??

from Jenni Hunt 

It looks more and more like eBay is shooting themselves in the foot… and although I am a firm believer in the idea that if you think creatively, you can find a way around just about anything – it seems like eBay keeps making it tougher and tougher.

The most recent changes announced to eBay sellers is to eliminate the ability to link to any outside website/page from the About Me page and eBay Blog. They have always had this policy in place for actual listings… and many have gotten around it by including a link in their listings that point to their eBay About Me page. Then, on their About Me page, they would promote their non-eBay website by offering an opt-in of sorts to a newsletter or service.

No More… according to eBay.

So, how can you take advantage of the traffic from eBay to grow your non-eBay business?
Here are a couple of ideas…

First of all, you can make your eBay ID your website address or something similar – be sure to follow eBay’s rules when choosing an ID. A friend of mine uses: auction-moms-newsletter as her ID. If you google Auction Moms Newsletter, her site for her other business will come up.

Another MUST DO… is to follow up with your current customers – It is even more critical to have a follow up system to collect names and email addresses of your eBay customers. Be sure to not have all your eggs in one basket – get your customer list off of eBay by offering them discounts, coupons, or a free report on something they might be interested in (they are all over the internet if you google ‘free report’ and the topic you are considering)… whatever you need to do- do it. I highly recommend you find a strategy that works for you to get the names and emails of your customers.

It’s hard to say what eBay will do next – but, by keeping a list of customers and actively communicating with them will ensure that if you ever choose to go somewhere other than eBay… they will go with you.

(You can view eBay’s announcement here)

Stay tuned… there are a few things that are actually GOOD about this announcement that I’ll be covering net week…


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