EBay's Increase In Final Value Fees… A Good Thing?

from Jenni Hunt 

I was writing an article on this topic… and it turned into an 8 page report. You’ll find an excerpt below… Click here for the entire report about how eBay’s increase in final value fees can be a good thing.

When I shared with my husband how eBay was changing it’s fee and feedback structure… his first response, “Why not go to another auction site?Are you asking yourself the same question? The thing is… not only is eBay currently the largest and most visited auction site… eBay continues to reward its buyers. So, guess where the buyers (customers) are going to go… eBay! From a business perspective, doesn’t it make sense to go where the customers are?

What if I said – hang in there… it might not be so bad! What if there was another way? Look at it this way… what if you could figure out a way to USE eBay to build a business or revenue stream and not have the fee increases or some of the policy changes affect you to a point where you might consider leaving eBay all together? What if you could make money on eBay without selling?

There is. Seriously.

It might take a little ‘thinking outside the box’ – but, there are many ways to sell on eBay and build a business around eBay… and not be hurt by some of these changes. In fact, I’m going to show you how eBay’s increase in final value fees could be a GOOD thing! Go ahead… read that again – I’m going to show you how eBay’s increase in final value fees could be a GOOD thing!

First – Let’s look at a way to make money selling on eBay without really selling anything… huh?

Are you familiar at all with affiliate programs? An affiliate program is when someone has a product they are selling and then pays others a commission (or referral fee) if they sell the product for them.

EBay has an affiliate program. The way it works is… after you sign up to be in their program, you get a special ‘affiliate’ link. This link has a code embedded in it that enables eBay to track who sent the referral to them. If the person who clicked on your special ‘affiliate’ link purchases, you get a percentage of that sale… that’s it – you don’t take the pictures… you don’t list the item… you don’t ship it… In fact, you never deal with the customer… but, you still make money from it.

But, wait – it gets better! There are a couple cool kickers to this strategy…

Kicker #1 – the affiliate link is cookied for 7 days. This means that if the person who clicked on your link to get into eBay doesn’t buy the item your link pointed to – but browses around and within 7 days buys something else on eBay YOU GET A COMMISSION! Even if they leave eBay and come back 7 days later… YOU GET A COMMISSION!

Kicker #2 – (this is where the higher final value fee can be a GOOD thing for you) eBay bases their commission on the final value fee of the item sold. EBay just raised their final value fees… If you are making any money through eBay’s affiliate program – this is actually GOOD news because it means higher commissions!

This is just a bit of what is in the free report… learn how to take advantage of eBay’s affiliate program and get into any niche making money on eBay without every selling a thing. Click here to sign up for the free report… Enjoy!

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